At 6ft 6in and 275lbs, Jerome Thion - the famous second row forward and three-time captain of the French Rugby team, Champion of France in 2005 and 2006, winner of the Six Nations Championship in 2006 and 2007, 54 caps for France from 2003 to 2011, World Cup semi-finalist in 2003 and 2007 - has both the physique and the pedigree to fly the colors of our brand. And if the Showbizz three-quarters knew how to spice up a counterattack with a pinch of French Flair, you can count on Jerome to be in the front row of fashion!

8 players, 3 rows, 1 pack!

At Eden Park, in the land of Showbizz, we know that the path to victory starts up front with the forwards.  Whether they are nicknamed “the fatties” or “the pack” these 8 rugged musclemen are crucial to any defensive or ball-winning phase. So, when we decided to set up a fashion brand over 30 years ago, leaving them on the sidelines was totally out of the question.  Their power, combined with their larger-than-life physiques, make these warriors the foundation stone of our team.

Unlike others, we know that having a different body type does not prevent you from being elegant. Each article in our collection comes in sizes up to 5XL for tops, 46 for trousers, and 58 for jackets. In our search for quality, we have adapted our measurements to ensure your comfort, even for the biggest sizes.

Because elegance…is not only in the match!



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The bomber jacket – not to be left in the locker room

Just because it is shorter and closer-fitting than a parka, the charms of the bomber jacket are not to be denied. Light-weight and ideal for the mid-season, it adds a touch of laid-back elegance to your silhouette. Choose the bomber jacket and play the winning combination!

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Size doesn’t matter… pass it on!

In fact, I was never sure if I was too big to be a real three-quarter, or too small to be proper forward. No doubt that is the reason why, first of all they made me play scrum-half, because I had little legs, then fly-half because my legs got bigger and bigger! I am the living proof that there is a place for everyone on a rugby field; the kids who are teased in school playgrounds flourish like spring flowers when they discover this sport.

Size can never be an excuse or a justification for refusing someone, in fact it is often an asset. When, as a three-quarter you are a little on the heavy side (I know what I am talking about, because at the first Rugby World Cup in 1987, I weighed about 93kg, at a time when most fly-halves tipped the scales at 70kg, defended like blind matadors and the inside cut was considered a dirty word), you can ingratiate yourself with the big fellas up front because they feel that their hard-won offering, the ball they provided you with, has a chance of staying alive, rather than being lost to the opposition through some fancy back move.

By way of explanation, in French rugby “les gros” (the fatties) is an affectionate term for the forwards, but it can also stand for “hog the ball” or “likely knock-on”. On the other hand, the “gazelles” or the “Pink Floyds” of the back division are theoretically more streamlined and slender, but also more fearful, not exactly CSR, attracted by all that glitters, including risks and wide open spaces.

Contrary to popular belief, and despite physical traits which distance us from the seats of higher learning, such as cauliflower ears, slightly twisted noses, scarred eyebrows, or eyes half covered by a large sweatband, I am convinced that it requires great intelligence to be a Great Forward. Although to be fair, this does not exclude a certain necessary dose of stupidity, as essential in the forward pack, I am told, as in Ivy League schools.

Anyway, as you have probably understood, and without appealing to popular opinion, because I still have thighs which measure 27 inches, I have a strong attachment to these outsized heavyweights who won the ball for us, delivering it like pure gold on silver trays.

They are genuine packs of protective tenderness, and they often come with a sense of humor as light as they are heavy.

In the world of rugby, however, we have no need to vigorously assert any particularity, difference, color, or religion because these distinctive characteristics are the ingredients and very essence of our performance. These sizes or kilograms, this speed or intelligence are sometimes the butt of our own jokes, without fear of reprimand from the right-thinking brigades. It’s our DNA. Even if we sometimes get heckled in the street, we know how to be indispensable and respectable on the rugby field. This sport is a school for humility, where respect for other people is the basis of our management. The rest is organized by strict rules, non-negotiable and imposed by a referee who is untouchable.

For all these reasons, and out of gratitude, Eden Park has always paid special attention to our larger-than-life customers, aiming to dress them not only with elegance and comfort, but also providing them with a harmonious silhouette, no matter what the body-type.

Thanks to the quality of our products and our tailored response, it is a privilege for our brand to have the loyalty of these men and women, these outsized athletes from the worlds of Rugby, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, or quite simply from our planet, these surprisingly gentle big and tall demi-Gods with their unique charisma and serene and rare kindness.

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