For the past 33 years, the values of Rugby have determined our growth strategy.

Our unfailing desire for a collective commitment to a single aim has led us to a constant quest for quality and innovation while respecting the codes of the brand and of the environment.

From its inception, and even more so in 2021, Eden Park has had to take environmental and social problems into consideration.


For over 30 years, Eden Park has carefully chosen its business partners in order to bring you unimpeachable textile quality and innovation.  Because the sustainability of its garments isa priority concern, the company has adopted an eco-responsible approach.

Thanks to a Quality department in the heart of the brand’s Paris headquarters, before placing garments on the market Eden Park carries out numerous resistance tests, checking the solidity of seams, color fastnessand pilling after washing.

The use of exceptional fabrics such as Pima cotton, or fine Italian material made from top-grade fibers with traditional know-how are among its key assets. Many of the fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex©. Material carrying the label Oeko-Tex© also guarantees a product which is devoid of any substance harmful to health or to the environment.

All these undertakings are your assurance of the sustainability of our products over time.

Lastly, and because we are continually looking to improve, we are currently working on a range of products made from eco-responsible fabrics and which will soon be available online and in our stores.

Le Pap' Atelier

Pursuing its responsible approach to sustainable fashion and the circular economy, the Eden Park brand has set up “Pap’ Atelier”, a sewing workshop to refresh garments which cannot be got rid of.

Drawing inspiration from the symbols of Rugby and from Eden Park’s own history and DNA, Léa, a recent graduate from the prestigious AICP (International Patternmaker Academy of Paris) breathes new life into clothes according to the latest trends. These bespoke items are unique in their form, size, and individual customization.

The workshop draws on garments or fabrics from several sources: unsold items which are re-interpreted, and historic pieces which need a makeover. The combinations of fabrics and colors are carefully thought out, ensuring that the final article is as elegant, desirable, and comfortable as a brand new one. The Pap Atelierprides itself in paying close attention to the original techniques, respecting the proportions, measurements, and customers’ ease of wearing.  

The time required to make each item varies depending on their complexity. Léa’s creations can take several hours or several days, but each one is unique, entailing a bespoke concept and makeover. Items for purchase include both men’s and women’s clothes and accessories.

Make a date for September 4th 2021 to check out this exclusive capsule collection!

Pima Cotton

Peruvian Pima cotton is grown in the sun-kissed coastal valleys of northern Peru in specific and optimal climatic conditions which limit its ecological impact while benefiting from the local ancestral know-how.

The natural harvesting process by hand not only respects the environment, but also ensures the optimum quality of thread.

Pima cotton is internationally recognized as the world’s best cotton thanks to its long fibers and exceptional durability despite its softness. It is known as the “silk” of South America.



By choosing C-Log for our logistics, whether for your online orders or deliveries to our stores, Eden Park has opted for a signatory partner of the Fashion Pact which is committed to reducing global warming, restoring bio-diversity and protecting the oceans.

Through its actions on a daily basis, this business partner undertakes to manage its environmental impact by upgrading and recycling waste, manage its energy consumption, integrating environmental concerns to all its purchases and supplies.  

 Just like Eden Park, our partner has opted to place humanity at the heart of its actions: gender equality, employee involvement in projects and actions, motivation and participation in objectives, everything possible is done to ensure equality and the warmest, most highly motivating social atmosphere.



Our headquarters


After taking energy saving measures to reduce the ecological impact of our points of sale, in 2021 Eden Park will now turn its attention to modifying the brand’s HQ:  changing the source of its electricity to 100% Green energy of French origin, changing all the light bulbs to low consumption LEDs, optimizing the infrastructures to improve insulation, improving the way we manage the recycling of our waste. Our Operations and Purchases department is doing everything possible to turn Eden Park’s headquarters into a building of low energy impact by the end of 2021

Our stores


Since April 1st 2021, in order to comply with its brand commitment in this domain, Eden Park is proud to have switched the electricity consumption of all its own name stores to 100% Green energy of French origin.  Holders of the “Powernext” certificate from our suppliers, this electricity allows us to guarantee the origin of power use for all our points of sale.

In a similar commitment, Eden Park has taken steps to totally replace the lightbulbs in all its stores in favor of low energy LED bulbs, thus considerably reducing its ecological impact.

Lastly, in the first semester of 2021 the gradual implementation of low luminosity LED screens in our shop windows will allow us to reduce, in the short term, and to eliminate totally in the long term, the use of non-recyclable POS materials, while ensuring that we respect steps to reduce visual and light pollution.

Nos magasins



If there is one Rugby value which is dear to our hearts, it is team spirit! On a daily basis, our employees are involved in company environmental actions which enable us to make a difference: whether it be by selective sorting of individual waste, providing drinking flasks, sourcing constantly evolving eco-responsible consumables or individual acts to save energy, everyone has a role to play in changing old habits and making them more eco-responsible.

Our HR department is totally mobilized on long term social commitment to ensure gender equality, or improving working conditions, such as implementing an optimum remote working charter for all the employees at the brand’s HQ.

And, because Eden Park challenges itself everyday to improve everyone’s creativity and team spirit, our head office now features its own gym as well as fitness classes for the staff.

Lastly, training and team-building seminars between head office and our different retail networks ensure optimum cohesion for everyone involved.


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