French Flair Sport

Lead by Authenticity

Sustained by an emphatic brand image and visual codes with an authentic Rugby inspiration, our French Flair Sport line proposes a sport-chic look, combining urban elegance with the codes the game.

Inspired by a true story, this line develops a wardrobe which is resolutely contemporary, filled with authenticity and creativity


The Rugby Jersey, First and foremost an icon

With over 30 years’ experience making rugby jerseys, Eden Park has turned it into an essential item of the gentleman’s wardrobe.

Imbued with the authenticity of the game of Rugby, the jersey is the brand’s iconic item, recognizable with all its signature customizations:

  • Oval buttons
  • Twill placket and under-collar
  • Embroidery and numbering

A wealth of small details which make each of our jerseys unique and instantly recognizable!


The cut and stitch

Whether it applies to shirts, sweatshirts or rugby jerseys, the cut and stitch technique is a way of reproducing the fabrication of authentic Rugby jerseys in which each knitted segment was cut out, then stitched together to produce a strong visual identity for each team. 

The Barbarian, well known to all Rugby lovers, remains the signature item of this manufacturing method.

 Safe values


Must-have in any event



Style in motion