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Discover our collection of men's pajamas, combining comfort, softness and elegance. Let yourself be seduced by timeless models, available in multiple colors and enhanced with careful details.

What are the different types of men's pajamas?

We offer you a complete range of men's pajamas, designed to meet all your desires for comfort and elegance. Discover our different models, adapted to each season and each preference.

Long pajamas

Long pajamas are a great classic of the genre, essential for cool nights. Made up of pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt, it wraps you in softness from head to toe. Opt for long pajamas in soft and fluffy cotton jersey for optimal comfort during the winter months.

Short pajamas

For summer nights or for those who tend to be hot, short pajamas are the ideal solution. Made up of shorts and a t-shirt, it allows you to sleep cool while remaining elegant. Our short pajamas are made mainly from cotton, to offer you an incomparable feeling of freshness.

Plain or decorated pajamas

Let yourself be seduced by the timeless elegance of plain pajamas or dare to show off your personality with an embellished Eden Park model. Plain pajamas, a true classic of nighttime comfort, promise a sober and refined look, adapting perfectly to all tastes and all occasions. For those who want to add a touch of originality to their loungewear, opt for our logo pajamas, a bold choice that demonstrates your commitment to quality.

Whatever your preference, you will find the men's pajamas that suit you. All our models are made with the greatest care, to offer you lasting comfort and timeless elegance, night after night. Don't wait any longer to discover our selection and slip into the softness of pajamas.

How to choose your men's pajamas based on your tastes and body shape?

Choosing the ideal pajamas from our selection may seem difficult, but by taking into account your tastes and your body type, you will easily find the model that suits you. Here are some tips to guide you in your choice.

Your preferences

First, consider your length preference. If you like to be completely covered while you sleep or if you are cold, opt for long pajamas. If, on the contrary, you tend to feel hot at night or if you prefer to sleep cool, short pajamas will be your ally.

Your body shape

Also remember to adapt the cut of your pajamas to your body shape. If you have a slim build, you can afford to choose fitted models that will highlight your figure. If you prefer a little more ease or if you have a more imposing build, opt for a looser cut, which will offer you optimal comfort without compromising your elegance.

Don't forget to choose colors that match your style and preferences. Soft, neutral shades, like navy blue or gray, bring a touch of timeless elegance to your nighttime outfit.

Your style

For a harmonious look down to the smallest detail, consider coordinating your pajamas with your other loungewear, such as your bathrobe or slippers. You can opt for complementary shades to create a cohesive and refined outfit.

Taking these different criteria into account, you will find pajamas at Eden Park that meet all your expectations in terms of comfort, style and elegance. Feel free to explore our selection and try different models to find the one that suits you best.

How to maintain your men's pajamas to preserve their softness and quality?

Men's pajamas are a lasting investment in your comfort and well-being. To preserve its softness, quality and impeccable appearance over time, it is essential to provide it with appropriate maintenance. Here are our tips for taking care of your pajamas and extending their lifespan.

First of all, take the time to carefully read the care instructions mentioned on the label of your pajamas. Each material requires special precautions to avoid damage during washing or ironing. We take care to select quality materials and provide you with clear instructions for taking care of them.


Avoid mixing your pajamas with bright or dark colored clothing that could bleed onto the fabric. Also remember to close the buttons and snaps to avoid any snags during the wash cycle.


Avoid tumble drying as much as possible, which can damage the delicate fibers of your pajamas and alter their softness. Prefer drying in the open air, avoiding any direct exposure to the sun which could cause the colors to fade. If you must use a dryer, select a low temperature program and remove your pajamas at the end of the cycle to avoid creases.


For a flawless appearance, you can iron your pajamas at low temperature, using steam to gently smooth out the most stubborn creases. Be sure to adapt the temperature of your iron to the type of fiber and do not hesitate to use a protective cloth for the most delicate materials, such as silk.

Tidying up

When you are not wearing your pajamas, be sure to store them in a dry, ventilated place, away from direct light and humidity. Avoid compressing it in a drawer or hanging it with clips which could leave marks. Fold it gently or hang it on a suitable hanger to preserve its shape and softness.

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