The true story of 5 rugby players who broke the established codes of an amateur sport to create an unprecedented and unique adventure, full of madness and audacity.


The brand’s history kicked off in 1987 when Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc, two Rugby internationals playing for one of the world’s most prestigious multi-sports clubs – the Racing Club de France – decided to establish a high-end clothes brand.

Combining their creative and offbeat spirits, they came up with a brand whose codes and inspiration find their origin in a story as extraordinary as it is authentic.

Driven by their love of paradox and attention to detail, Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc created a genuine Eden Park style, the legitimate icon of which is the Rugby jersey in all its shapes and forms.



Rugby builds emotional bonds and creates a sense of belonging to the global rugby family.

We have a passion for our work, for the product we make and for our customers, who are always at the heart of our creations.


Rugby creates a spirit of unity, loyalty, and camaraderie, lifelong friendships, and a sense of collective purpose which all go beyond cultural, geographical, political and religious difference. For 30 years, Eden park has been built by putting charity at the heart of all its brand event.


Discipline is an integral part of Rugby, on and off the pitch, and is revealed by respect for the Laws of the Game, and for the Rules and fundamental values of the sport. The meticulous care we take in the manufacturing stage guarantees us a product of outstanding quality, thanks to our rigorous integrated control process ensuring the integrity and durability of all our products.


Respect, whether to teammates, opponents, match officials and all those involved in Rugby, is a fundamental value. We aim to provide every one of our clients with the attention they deserve, the service they expect and the assistance they appreciate, to make each of them feel like someone unique.

The French Flair

French Flair it’s that creative French know-how, the little “je ne sais quoi” which means that every garment we create is inspired by French tradition,signed and identifiable. Easily recognizable thanks to their symbolic logo, the Pink Bow Tie, all our creations pay special attention to the quality of fabrics and the many unique details. Today, we bring you the fruit of this inspiration, proposing a style which skillfully blends the spirit of the times with our distinctive identity : a magical combination which cements our place as the undisputed brand in the high-end sector. The French Flair is not only transposed in the products but also in our new store concept. Modern and Parisian, this concept is intended to be clearer and more minimalist, accept the emphasis on references all Haussmannian such as the chevron flooring in Herringbone Style.

Why the pink bow tie?

« The idea of the Pink Bow Tie was born in the 1987 season some time before we played in the final of the French Championship, during a dinner which as you can imagine was well lubricated and eminently strategic. We urgently needed to find something which symbolized our state of mind, something worthy of this historic day, a unique opportunity which could also be celebrated in our “Number One” attire, in other words a tuxedo. We retained the original attributes of the bow tie, but it seemed more festive for us to die it pink, as a reference to our mascot, the famous Pink Panther, and of the pink underwear we had famously worn in some matches. »

Franck Mesnel


Franck Mesnel and the French National Rugby Team:

- 56 international games for France
- World Cup Vice-Champion in 1987, bronze-medalist in 1995
- 4-time winner of the Five Nations Championship including the 1987 Grand Slam

So it is only natural that Eden Park should be the partner in elegance for France’s National Rugby team!

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